Thursday, June 27, 2024

Everything Changes - News and Schedule Updates

 For the past three years I have been planning and taking prerequisite classes in preparation for a very special educational opportunity. I am thrilled to let you know that as of August 19, 2024 I will be a student for the Physical Therapy Assistant school at Mesa College. The program is two years, and at the end I will have my AA, a certificate, and once I pass, a license to be a PTA! This is the next big step in my journey of being a movement professional and I could not be more thrilled (unless it was free!).

What that means is there are BIG changes to my teaching schedule. 

  • For the Copley-Price YMCA, Christine Seliger will be taking over the Active (8:30AM) and Gentle (9:30AM) Yoga classes on Tuesdays starting August 6. I will continue teaching the Sunday 9:30-10:45 class as long as they are willing to have me, as well as being available for Personal Training. We are also doing a special SUNSET YOGA on August 16 from 6-8PM and again on October 11 6-8PM. I think a Friday night deep stretch will be just what the doctor (PT) ordered after a week of school! Check out flyers at the Copley YMCA for event details.
  • For Monday Chair Yoga in Bonita, MaryElen will work her magic starting in August. 
  • For Serra Mesa on Tuesdays, Rashna will grace us with her amazing skills until the end of September. The Library is working on a permanent replacement. 
  • La Mesa Chair Yoga Wednesdays will also be led by Rashna starting August 1.
  • San Carlos Kids on Wednesdays will be led by MaryElen through end of September. The library is working on an approved replacement. 
  • Friday Lemon Grove and Skyline Hills will still be taught by ME at least until December (when I"ll get my schedule for the new semester). 

I know this is a big change, but what is life, but an ever-changing chain of events that we can choose to enjoy, or resist. For my sake, I'm trying to enjoy and marvel at the wonder of all the opportunities bestowed upon me. 

I have such big feelings about "leaving" or "abandoning" all these classes after we've taken years to get ot know one another, but I truly hope that this new incarnation, with new instructors, will help all of you on your journeys to wellness.

Please reach out with any questions; I'm just a button click away!



Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Lemon Grove Library Every Friday!

Starting June 7, our 9 to 9:55 AM Chair Yoga class at the Lemon Grove Library will be every Friday! Thanks to every that has been coming out to support this class. Gratitude to Amrit Gill and al the library personnel for getting this on the schedule. 

Additional thanks to everyone who has helped build up the Friday 10:45-11:30 Skyline Hills Library class - it's growing and YES you can come to both (they are only a 12-minute drive apart). Special thanks to Dominic Marostica for taking a chance on us!

Saturday, May 18, 2024

Found money helps me keep doing what I love

Yesterday I was driving between classes and I received a call from an unknown number from a Chicago area code. Though normally I wouldn't pick up, I pushed the "Answer" button on the Apple Car Play screen before my my logical brain said "NO!"

I'm glad I did. Turns out it was a lovely reporter from NBC7, Shelly Bremer, doing a story about unclaimed funds from the City of San Diego. She said I had a check for $375 from last July as reported on their recent  list, and she was reaching out to different payee's to see who might be interested in being interviewed. 

She asked if I might know why the city owed me money and I explained that I'm a vendor (contractor/entertainer) for the library and parks and rec department, teaching yoga classes, and that I was on the way to teach one of the classes. She then excitedly asked if she could come film some of the class to get my story documented. Of course, the extrovert in me said yes, whlle the anxiety riddled introvert started to panic that I was unshowered, dressed in my best "toddler chic" (leggings, baggy shirt and thrift store sweatshirt), and with under eye circles rivaling the most decrepit vampire. 

To preserve student privacy they took a few short videos from the back of the room (only my face can be seen). Thank you to EVERYONE at the Skyline Hills library chair yoga class for being willing to be part of this, and thank you to the library for being open to having the interview done on your property. 

The reporter asked me if perhaps I was "hard to find" and I laughed saying "No, in fact I have been a contractor with the city for six years, still at the same address, under the same name. and they receive monthly invoices from me for my services!" Viva la bureaucracy, right?

The interview is a nice little promo for our classes, and I was able to talk candidly about what I do (dharma) and why I do it (my love languages is acts of service and gifts).

The check will come in handy, and if anything is forcing me to go back over my billing system, because obviously I missed something last year!

Check for your name on the list here:

File the report to claim the funds here:

Sunday, February 4, 2024

YMCA annual Campaign - Help me support the cause!

Thank you to everyone that contributed in any way, shape, or form to the YMCA Annual Campaign!
My personal campaign raised $928 (almost double my original goal) and the entire Copley YMCA raised  $718,118 (far surpassing their goal of $670,000).

Through generous donations to our Annual Campaign, the Y is able to give every individual the Y experience, regardless of their ability to pay. When you give to the Y, you are making an investment in our community and giving those in need the opportunity to thrive. Last year, YMCA supporters gave over $5.7 million to provide scholarships and subsidize programs and services — helping the Y to fulfill our mission to ensure access for all.

As a leading nonprofit, our Y is making a difference in the lives of 267,666 community members annually — nearly 10% of San Diego County’s population. The need is urgent and growing, and it can’t be met without you!

Thursday, January 25, 2024

Asking for consent and permission - yoga is a sacred space

I will preface saying that I have in fact taken photos of my classes specfically for the site where I am teaching (special workshops, fundraisers) but ONLY with explicit and unanimous consent and permission for any posting/use. 

I have had professional photographs taken of me in a yoga practice for what the industry might deem "glamour shots" and I was the only person in them, with explicit consent from the location. I have taken pictures of kids ONLY when all the parents and the location consented to the use of the photo in any public manner (i.e., my website). Any and all objections have (and will be) met with compliance. 

I have consented to photographs to be taken of my as an individual and in a group when asked, and even "tagged" myself on media (even when the photo wasn't flattering) to help promote the event/studio/class.

I won't belabor this post with my diatribe about generational perspectives on self-images, or safe spaces versus personal responsibility as those are opinions open for debate. What I will say is that I do not think it's appropriate to take a selfie of yourself when taking my class and in any location that prohibits it I will enforce that policy. 

I am glad that the YMCA where I both teach and practice has a specific policy not only discouraging but prohibiting videos and photographs on the gym floor, and in exercise rooms (and it goes almost without saying, locker rooms). Some gyms have no such policy, and the yoga studio standard varies (or sometimes hasn't been established). If I'm a participant in the class, the only thing I can do is move out of the way, and perhaps verify if the studio/gym itself has a policy so I am informed about my choice to practice there. 

I appreciate the approach and explanation in this article. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

San Diego Inclement Weather and Disaster Support

Originally disseminated by the YMCA of San DiegoCounty:
  • Individuals who have experienced flood damage can complete a voluntary damage reportfor the county by completing a form here: - the form does not guarantee eligibility for relief and is not a substitute for filing an insurance claim.
  • If you are affected by the storms and need to speak with someone by phone about shelters, road closures, and other non-emergency disaster-related services, please call 211. If you’re hearing impaired, dial 711 and ask to be connected to (858) 300-1211.
  • Storm Debris Removal Services

Sunday, January 7, 2024

New SD County YMCA Memberships and Annual Campaign.


A while back I posted information about getting a free membership (for seniors) to the SDCounty YMCA through insurance. Below is more specific information so that you can check to see if your policy applies, and then enjoy the YMCA benefits that aren't limited to being "a gym."

As of this year, here are the programs through which seniors can obtain YMCA memberships for free:

The Y is also debuting a new membership structure that may help you afford to join if you aren't 55+. The tiers are called Community and Community+. The main difference between the two is that the "+" means get a higher discount off activities (swim lessons, camp, sports, gymnastics) and services (preschool, childcare) plus an extra guest pass, and the ability to reserve Group X classes in advance!

Did you also know that there is nationwide reciprocity for memberships? So, when I'm in Chicago, I can drop in to the YMCA there and take a fitness class, use the pool, and enjoy the gym without any additional charge!

For the month of January, new joiners get this whole month FREE plus a waived sign up fee. If someone joins by mid-February, they will still enjoy the "fee free" promotion. Also, for each person that you refer the enrolls, you get one month of membership free (if you get 12 people, yes, you get your whole year free).

Reach out to Member Services for any questions and to sign up today !

Annual Campaign

Did you know the Y provides resources for those who may experience food insecurity, and also can help find housing for those needing shelter? It's also a great place for health and wellness seminars free of charge, has free fitness/wellness programs for those living with cancer, whether recently diagnosed, under going treatment, or in recovery. Yes FREE! They have after school care, preschool programs, teen safety and fitness care, and plenty of scholarships available for those wanting to join but don't have it in their budget. 

As an 8-year veteran of teaching YMCA classes, I believe in the cause of the Y. So much that this year I've volunteered to donate one hour's wages out of every paycheck to their Annual Campaign (we call that a "power hour" donation). I was gifted my first membership at the Y, and my family has found innumerable resources, from camp discounts (for both members and staff), swim team (Eli did 2 years), training (they helped me get my Personal Training Certification), and a chance to share my skills with the community. 

If you are able to contribute any amount to fund the wide variety of social welfare programs, please consider making a contribution here (select the Health and Wellness Department at Copley Price so our team gets credit for the donation):

Check out my fundraising page for YMCA of San Diego County - 

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

New classes on my schedule (UPDATE)

Welcome to 2024. I hope your 2023 concluded with a sense of peace and calm and 2024 entered quietly and full of promise. 

With that in mind I want to tell you about a few new classes that I've added to my schedule (also check the calendar for the most-up-to-date information including cost and location links):

Wednesdays 9:00am - 9:30 AM starting 2/7: Stretch/Strengthen at the Westmont La Mesa (residents only)

This new class just for residents of the facility. It will include stretching (yoga oriented) and strengthening (fitness oriented) movements with music as the background and fun as our motivation. This class comes as part of my new contract with RightFit so thank you to them for bringing me into the team!

First and Third Fridays 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM starting 2/2: Chair Yoga at the Lemon Grove Library (free open-to-public)

This community favorite class has come back! Like all the chair yoga classes, no experience is necessary. Just bring water, wear comfy clothes (please do not use any heavily scented items or perfumes before class), and any yoga props you might normally use (if you don't have any don't worry). We will do plenty of seated postures, standing postures, breathing practices, and share plenty of smiles and stories ono our journey to improved vitality.

Every Friday 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM starting 3/1: Chair Yoga at the Skylines Hills Library (free open-to-public)

Our first two classes at this new location were a rousing success. We have one more "kickoff" to test drive the program on January 19 at the same time, so come on out and try this class. The library is beautiful and the room is spacious - we can handle plenty more participants. This one is also free and open to the public. It is designed for adults (please, no children). Same prep as the other classes: bring water, wear comfy clothes, have phones OFF for the duration of class, and get ready to have fun.