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Friday, May 20, 2022

Guest Article: Top Tips on How to Recharge at Any Time

 submitted by Cheryl Conklin of Wellness Central

Image courtesy of Unsplash

During the past pandemic, staying in was thrust upon us, and in the blink of an eye we all needed to alter our lifestyles to promote general health. For many, these have now become integrated in our daily lives. With that major adjustment can come a great deal of stress. And although businesses and schools have reopened, many people have chosen to spend more time at home. These resources from BYOMyoga give you some tips and tools that can get you through the days happy and healthy.

● Stress is a terrible thing, but exercise can help. Mayo Clinic suggests getting moving to manage stress.

● If you lead a business, it’s important to head off job burnout before lasting damage is done.

● There are few more rewarding experiences than owning a pet. It turns out that one of the rewards of pet ownership is an improved state of mind!

● Reduce feelings of anxiety and negativity by decluttering, cleaning, and organizing your home.

What is CBD? For some people, it is a way to relax and recharge without risking the dangers of substance abuse.

● Consider taking up a hobby to pass the time and increase your relaxation levels.

● Among the most challenging hobbies is gaming. It’s not just for kids any more!

● Eating at home can become dull and predictable at the best of times. Turn pantry staples into full meals for something new and exciting at dinnertime.

● Speaking of dining at home, have you joined the slow cooking craze? If not, here are the best slow cookers on the market.

● Meditation is an excellent way to achieve physical and mental balance. Check out the 21 Best Meditation Podcasts for ways to maximize your experience.

Adjusting to the pandemic was tough. Bouncing back from a pandemic is not easy, either. Life might feel topsy-turvy right now, but you can turn to these resources for healthier and happier living!

Monday, May 2, 2022

Three Special Online Monday Classes 5/16, 5/23, 5/30

For those that attend the Bonita/Sunnyside Library class, the online Friday class, or who are interested in joining us for online yoga but can't attend on Fridays, we are going on line for THREE special Mondays in May.

The following THREE Mondays at 11AM PST (until 11:50) we will have online chair yoga via Zoom as a special class to to supplement the library and online classes, and hope you can join.

Monday May 16, 11 AM
Monday May 23, 11 AM
Monday May 30, 11 AM

If you'd like to be part of these classes, please send me an email at so I can send you the Zoom link and get you set up to log in properly. Reminder to join the class at least 5 minutes ahead of time if you aren't accustomed to using Zoom so you can get your sound and microphone set up on your PC, tablet or phone. 

Sympathy vs. Empathy

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Self-Care Yoga Retreat at The Water Conservation Garden April 24

Self Care Yoga Retreat

Sunday, April 24, 8:30 AM - 1 PM

Members $62 / Non-members $68

Welcome spring in The Garden with our first ever half-day yoga retreat. Find peaceful moments of supportive joy with yoga, mindfulness, self massage, and restorative sound healing. Join resident Garden yoga instructors Robyn Smith, Ashley Bridgewater, Jackie Gadd, and special guest Sound Healer and musical artist, Kerem BrulĂ© of Beautiful Sounds Co.

The group will have access to The Garden prior to opening to the public. Activities are focused on self-care and include Awaken yoga series led by Robyn Smith, Mindfulness techniques with Ashley Bridgewater, guided personal foot and lower leg massage using handmade massage cream prepared for you by BYOM yoga instructor, Jackie Gadd, restorative poses with props and pillows provided, and sound healing by Beautiful Sounds Co. founder and musician, Kerem Brulé.

Moments for light socializing, shivasana, and nourshing refreshments will be integrated throughout this half day yoga retreat. All levels welcome. Please contact with any questions. *Proceeds benefit water conservation education*

Thursday, March 24, 2022

It needs to be said. Where is the loving kindness?

I'm making my politics known. I Believe: Black Lives Matter, No Human Is Illegal, Love is Love, Women’s Rights Are Human Rights, and Science is Real. 

  1. Trans rights are human rights. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. There is no "but." The number of people across the internet saying that they don't want to see male genitalia in a women's locker room might not realize that trans women have been in there for years, and they have NEVER realized it, so their fears are unfounded. Trans people do not troll locker rooms, and if someone did, they were pretending to be trans. No law infringing on the rights of transgender people can prevent someone obscene cis person being a predator. 
  2. It is horrifying that a candidate for our Supreme Court is being asked if she has a Critical Race Theory agenda, and if she thinks a Hispanic man can identify as an Asian man (the Senator from Texas asked that). The questions being asked of the candidate are blatantly racist and would have any other potential candidate for a job suing the company for a hostile workplace.
  3. Women's reproductive rights are human rights. A state not supporting a legal right to reproductive health of all kinds for men and women equally is a state that is trying to control a woman's body under some patriarchal puritanical misinformation about conception. No areas with terrible educational systems, terrible support systems for low income families, complicated if not substandard health care, redlined districts, failing foster and adoption programs, high levels of domestic violence, substance abuse, and incarceration rates should NOT be restricting access for women to birth control and forcing birth especially under the guise of it being "god's will."
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