Friday, September 15, 2023

Polyvagal Institute - Theraputic Yoga Tools with Marlysa Sullivan and Amy Wheeler - Webinar

Below is a link to an introductory webinar let by Amy Wheeler, PhD and Marlysa Sullivan's, DPT: Therapeutic Yoga Tools: A Polyvagal Informed Certificate for Body-Mind Practitioners

Synopsis: In the fields of pain care and mental health there is a need to identify ways to address the complexity of physical, psycho-emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. In addition, healthcare providers often experience burnout because of the workload and demands of the job which can be extreme. It can be difficult to keep your passion for your work to help others and you may find decreased presence with your client or yourself. Yoga therapy provides a holistic and embodied approach to practitioner self-care and client care. Polyvagal Theory provides a neural foundation for these practices which aligns well with the yoga therapeutic framework of the gunas. This relationship between Polyvagal Theory and yoga philosophy can create a shared language for yoga and healthcare/research professionals to understand the unique role of yoga in whole-person health and wellbeing. This course will cover the basic foundations for assessment and application of practices using the gunas and Polyvagal Theory as well as other yoga principles. 

Their life-changing full live course (via ZOOM) begins on October 6 (teachers can earn CEs) and continues for a total of seven sessions. Read more and register at this link: