About Me

My name is Jackie Gadd, and I am a San Diego-based yoga instructor and ACE certified personal trainer. I see yoga as a both a mind/body integration practice for inner peace, and a functional movement practice for every body's health.

I took my first yoga class in 2004 as a respite from physical and emotional stress. I had no idea the transformations that it would inspire. After volunteer mentoring in an elementary school under the guidance of another yoga friend, I studied children/teen yoga and continued sharing "mindfulness in motion" in afterschool programs. 

In 2012, I earned both my RYT and RPYT (pre-natal), because I wanted a deeper understanding of the principles behind "what made yoga work." It wasn't enough to do poses, or breathe; I had, and still have, a vested interest in understanding and explaining the "how and why" of yoga, to maximize the mind/body/breath experience. Most recently I earned my ACE personal training certification so that I would be more confident in helping people develop healthy movement practices that fit their bodies, their needs, and their goals.  

In a children's class I use books, music, and crafts to inspire yoga-oriented play. We energize, and calm, bringing awareness to our actions, and  teaching love and respect for ourselves and others.

I teach a variety of adults classes; as an Accessible Yoga Ambassador, all my classes take in account differing needs; some are designed specifically for them. Yoga for ID/DD is mindful of extraneous sensory input, uses special language, and often require support from a caregiver. My mat yoga classes welcome generous us of props, rely on student feedback, and emphasize the function of the pose, rather than the form. 

I draw inspiration from different styles like Hatha, Iyengar, Flow/Vinyasa, and Ashtanga, blend in yoga philosophy and mythology, and always include breathwork (pranayama), We finish in Savasana or meditation (depending on class time) to round out the class experience. 

I have found that I am most happy when I am in the service of others, and therefore, journey to share yoga as much as possible. I have offered my services as a yoga "coach" for community classes and  events like:

  • 2020 Pandemic Response: Free weekly live streaming yoga classes for Seniors (5), Children (3), Physical Disabilities (2) and ID/DD (3 supplemented by private sponsor). All recorded classes free for view/download.
  • 2011-21 National Multiple Sclerosis Society: Stretch Sessions & Yoga Lounge for the 3-Day Challenge Walk
  • 2020-21 Spina Bifida Association Virtual Yoga for National Day of Walk-n-Roll and 2021 Fitness Club
  • 2019-22 Abilities Expo: Live and Recorded Chair and Kids Yoga Sessions
  • 2016-18 International Day of Yoga Live Chair/Adaptive Yoga Sessions
  • 2016-18 People First Self-Advocacy Conference Yoga Class

If you are hosting a fundraiser (or work for a non-profit) and want yoga to be a part of your event, don't hesitate to reach out - being able to give back to my community and the global community is part of why I do what I do!

I have spent hundreds of hours in conferences and trainings, active practice, lecture, and practicum, because I'm fascinated by the developing body of knowledge around this ancient practice. I seek to learn about applications where yoga is a supporting modality not just for fitness and mindfulness in general, but for mitigating deeper mental health issues, aging-related problems, and pain and trauma.

I strive to facilitate a mindful, embodied (and fun) experience in class that can lead to like experiences off the mat. For a complete CV please email me at byomyoga@gmail.com.

Certifications & Trainings

  • ACE CPT #T269007 (Feb 2023)
  • YACEP (Jun 2018)
  • YA E-RYT-200 (ID # 118391) (Oct 2016)
  • YA RYT-200 (ID # 118391): Yoga Well Center (Sep 2012)
  • YA RPYT-85 Perinatal: Becalmed Yoga (Nov 2012)
  • CPR/AED/First Aid: ARC (exp. May 2025)
  • TAYMS-65: Yoga Heals Us  (Jul 2017)
  • Accessible Yoga Teacher & Ambassador (2018)
  • 3000+ Teaching hours as of Jan 223
  • 112 Hours Children/Teen training
  • 38 Hours Silver Sneakers/Silver & Fit
  • 400+ hours post RYT training as of Nov 2021 including:
    • Yoga for Mental Health: Cindy Beers, Red Head Yoga (Feb 2021) 22 Hours
    • Yoga for Pain Management:  Gary Kraftsow (online Oct/Nov 2020) 9 Hours
    • Overcoming Trauma through Yoga Module 2: OG Yoga (Feb 2020) 30 hrs
    • Neuroscience behind Mindfulness-Based Meditation: Dr. Fadel Zeidan (UCSD) (May 2019) 8 hrs
    • Anatomical Explorations: Diane Ambrosini (Mar 2019) 2.5 hrs
    • Experiential Anatomy: Judith Hansen Lasater (San Diego, CA) (Mar 2018) 25 hrs
    • Bridging the Hearts & Minds of Youth Conference (UCSD Center for Mindfulness): 17 Hours
    • Therapeutic Asana/Pranayama/Meditation with Amy Wheeler, PhD (Sep 2017) 8 hrs
    • Yoga in Medicine for Mood Disorders (UCSD Center for Integrative Medicine) (Jan 2017) 20 CEUs
    • Scoliosis & Reversing the Aging of the Spine: Rachel Krentzman (Jun 2016) 4 hrs
    • Shoulder Therapy Workshop: Kaitlyn Hochart (Jan 2016): 3 CEUs
    • Yin, Restorative, and Therapeutic Yoga: Wild Abundant Life/Deborah Williamson (Jul 2014) 27 hrs
    • Yoga for Eating Disorders Module 1 Intensive: Eat Breathe Thrive/Chelsea Roff (Aug 2014) 15 hrs 

Presentation & Media

Available for Hire

  • Private Yoga Sessions (personal, family-friendly)
  • Mindfulness/Wellness In-School Activities
  • After School Enrichments (all ages)
  • Storytime Yoga Playgroups
  • Party Activity (youth and adult)
  • Scouting Activities
  • Individual Fundraisers
  • Corporate/Company Yoga
  • Weekend Retreat Activities
  • Community Center Classes
  • Adult Day Care Classes

Reach out byomyoga@gmail.com to discuss how to create the custom class that works for YOU.