Sunday, May 7, 2023

Podcast Interview by The Artful Leader

From Rachelle Archer:

“Have you ever wondered what stress you might you be holding in your body? 

In this week’s episode, my dear friend & yoga teacher Jackie Kurtz Gadd and I talk about the power in a regular yoga practice for healing the trauma and stress that is stored in the body. We both open up and share vulnerably about how yoga literally saved us during some of our darkest times and how our practice has evolved over the years. 

Jackie’s mission is to make yoga accessible for all so that everyone can find their own way into wellness,  feel less alone, and find healing in a comfortable and welcoming space.If you’re in SD, check out one of her classes at the YMCA or other community centers. They’re AMAZING! 

Have you tried yoga? How has it supported your well-being?”

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