Sunday, June 14, 2015

Yoga with Provisions recap

"Release what holds you back, and the universe will provide."
- byomyoga (inspired by just about everyone she knows)

Just a few shots from the amazing Yoga with Provisions class held yesterday at San Diego Creative Arts Project. 15 beautiful souls joined together to move, breathe, be, release, and welcome in the provisions of the universe (and a few cocktails providing by Polite Provisions afterwards). Thank you all for sharing the experience with me. Thank you Laura at San Diego Creative Arts Project, for the idea and the space, thank you Heidi at for the photographs that bring out the joy, thank you Aaron at Polite Provisions for the whatever-it-was-was-delicious victuals!

Starting savasana - cultivating body awareness and centering ourselves
Adjustments in Durga-Go (cat cow sequence)

Balance - ah yes, balance.

Spinal flexion/extension

Prepping our shoulder for poses to come in Urdvha Hastasana (upward hands pose)

Anjanayasana - option on the knees, reach for the heavens
Lunge pose option 2

Drawing the hips and heart open in Warrior II

Open the left side and breath in "reverse triangle"
Opening to the right 

Deepening our Virabhadrasana (warrior) II

Delightful side flexion

Hamstring release in utthanasana (forward bend)

Tripod Dog (tri pada adho mukha savanasana)

Dogs in black and white
Dogs in color
Child's pose option - prayer hands

Relax the shoulders

Child's pose option (polar bear)

Child's pose assist - breathe through the back
Holding space for the class in Savasana

Fetal pose - preparing to awaken renewed

Waking up

Love to all!

Self with Provisions (i.e., the photographer Heidi and sweet TerriSue)