Sunday, January 7, 2024

New SD County YMCA Memberships and Annual Campaign.


A while back I posted information about getting a free membership (for seniors) to the SDCounty YMCA through insurance. Below is more specific information so that you can check to see if your policy applies, and then enjoy the YMCA benefits that aren't limited to being "a gym."

As of this year, here are the programs through which seniors can obtain YMCA memberships for free:

The Y is also debuting a new membership structure that may help you afford to join if you aren't 55+. The tiers are called Community and Community+. The main difference between the two is that the "+" means get a higher discount off activities (swim lessons, camp, sports, gymnastics) and services (preschool, childcare) plus an extra guest pass, and the ability to reserve Group X classes in advance!

Did you also know that there is nationwide reciprocity for memberships? So, when I'm in Chicago, I can drop in to the YMCA there and take a fitness class, use the pool, and enjoy the gym without any additional charge!

For the month of January, new joiners get this whole month FREE plus a waived sign up fee. If someone joins by mid-February, they will still enjoy the "fee free" promotion. Also, for each person that you refer the enrolls, you get one month of membership free (if you get 12 people, yes, you get your whole year free).

Reach out to Member Services for any questions and to sign up today !

Annual Campaign

Did you know the Y provides resources for those who may experience food insecurity, and also can help find housing for those needing shelter? It's also a great place for health and wellness seminars free of charge, has free fitness/wellness programs for those living with cancer, whether recently diagnosed, under going treatment, or in recovery. Yes FREE! They have after school care, preschool programs, teen safety and fitness care, and plenty of scholarships available for those wanting to join but don't have it in their budget. 

As an 8-year veteran of teaching YMCA classes, I believe in the cause of the Y. So much that this year I've volunteered to donate one hour's wages out of every paycheck to their Annual Campaign (we call that a "power hour" donation). I was gifted my first membership at the Y, and my family has found innumerable resources, from camp discounts (for both members and staff), swim team (Eli did 2 years), training (they helped me get my Personal Training Certification), and a chance to share my skills with the community. 

If you are able to contribute any amount to fund the wide variety of social welfare programs, please consider making a contribution here (select the Health and Wellness Department at Copley Price so our team gets credit for the donation):

Check out my fundraising page for YMCA of San Diego County - 

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