Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tis the Season

Last night I had the privilege of leading my second official adult-only yoga practice. The woman of Chabad invited me to their Mom's Night Out to share some yoga with them, and I feel like we did just that  - SHARE. I brought some yoga knowledge, and they welcomed me into their fold. I helped them twist, balance, breathe, and relax, and they helped me refine my teaching flow, allowed me to share from my heart, and continue to follow my dharmic path.

For that I am grateful - my light shines a bit brighter!

As the solstice approaches, the full moon wanes, and the year winds down, we stress about the family visits, holiday schedules, completing home and work projects, and staying healthy, let's remember this is a time to look ever more inward, and keep the karmic energy that flows amongst us all well kindled. Perhaps you can bring a moment of calm, a moment of clarity, a moment of relaxation to someone you love, or maybe even someone you barely know.

Let's set the example for our children that material want isn't paramount, that patience is a gift in and of itself, and that even if all you are able to do is take a deep breath and PAUSE - that is a yoga practice.

I don't normally talk in such a philosophical/metaphysical/sentimental vein, but I was treated by the universe (and Eli) to a good night's sleep, and I'm feeling quite grateful and thoughtful.

Saturday I'll be creating Sun Salutations Smiley Faces (complete with puffy stickers and googly eyes) with a group of toddlers for a birthday party, and I'm really looking forward to exploring yoga with a new group of yoginis!