Live Accessible, Adaptive, Chair, and Kids Yoga

Chair Yoga MTWTF 11-11:55AM PST Gentle/Senior/Adaptive Yoga for ID/DD Adults M&F 1-1:45 PM PST for waiver and to register! •


Free Library of Recorded Accessible Chair Yoga

I have recorded videos for previous accessible yoga classes for personal use, available here: To use in a commercial, educational, or training program, or to download for distribution, please email me at

Free Live Online Accessible Chair Yoga Classes - postponed

My live online Accessible Chair Yoga classes for people with physical disabilities will reconvene in early 2021. 

The classes (and the recorded videos) are chair-based meaning we remain seated almost exclusively. Participants can modify for standing or reclining options as needed, and some classes specifically address these choices. We work on strengthening and stretching muscles and tissues to improve range of motion for mobility and balance. We use breathwork and meditation for calming the nervous system and energizing the spirit, and discuss yoga principles to engage the mind and create community.  Everyone should feel comfortable participating to their own challenge level, and not feel obligated to mirror the instructor or any other participant. 

Note: These classes do not specifically address intellectual/development disabilities. For yoga specifically for those with ID/DD refer here:

To join the live classes email to receive a liability waiver and a direct link and password.

  • Use all necessary support (seat belts, breathing apparatus) and follow medical professional advice when participating in a fitness activity.
  • Wheelchair users do not need to transfer to other seating. Wheels should be locked for class.
  • Feet should be on a solid surface (floor, blanket, wheelchair paddles)
  • For those using standard chairs, use a high-backed, arm-less chair with a flat seat (folding chairs are not recommended).
  • Place all seating on a non-slip surface like a yoga mat.
  • Props are optional, but a fitness strap (yoga strap, fitness band) is recommended for movement assistance.
  • Hydrate at least twice during a 40-minute yoga class
  • Be aware of your surroundings.
  • Use of the videos below implies consent of the liability waiver and is at one's own risk.

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