Monday, September 14, 2020

Day 9 of 22: Mountain Climbers

We've been exploring variations of "push-ups" with our Gentle Yoga adaptations for the #activeheroes #22pushupchallenge, and today we tackled something else in plank territory with a core focus: Mountain Climbers. Traditionally in a fitness class you might do this exercise tucking the knees up under the body rapidly to raise the heartrate, but today we are focusing on the lift of the leg, across the body (if possible for your body) for some oblique abdominal work, while maintaining stability through the legs and chest with support in the arms. 

An even gentler version could include bending a knee instead of lift it at all; try a variation that suits you! I prefer to do the exhale on the knee lift, and the inhale as the body opens and lengthens. We did all 22 reps in a row today.

Sorry if the video and audio are slightly off; I tried to correct in the editing software but wasn't able to get it exact as the resolution of the video isn't that high. 

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