Monday, September 14, 2020

Day 10 of 22: One Armed Push-ups

If you clicked on this link thinking you were going to see some Rocky-esque power workout, you might be slightly disappointed. These one-armers are far from the latissimus dorsi and forearm bulgers that you get in a prize-fight training regimen.

Today's challenge was a side-plank inspired "push-up" dialed back to be appropriate for gentle yoga. By putting weight on your shoulders at the side angle however, you work the infraspinatus and teres minor (posterior shoulder) muscles, which externally rotate the upper arm bones, and draw the heads of the shoulders away from the chest. These muscles are often underutilized and you may find these to be far more vigorous than at first glance!

We aren't just holding the side plank like one might do in a mat yoga class, we are creating a change in muscular control by bending at the elbow, so it's even more important that we don't overestimate the incline of the body that is appropriate. 

You can have your hand on the chair (a lower position and more stable) or against a wall; if at the wall, it is best to have it at shoulder height. For best results I'd say the elbow doesn't bend more than halfway, and it's a slow and deliberate descent and press back to straight arm. 

The glenoid (socket) is shallow, and with the humerus (upper arm bone) at this sideways position, the joint is vulnerable and needs a lot of muscular and connective tissue support. We are doing eleven repetitions to build strength, so go slowly, be patient, and take breaks. 


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