Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Day 6 of 22: Overhead Press Pushups (non--weight-bearing)

Today's challenge is another "weightless" variation that focuses on tricep flexion and extension, shoulder extension, and range of motion. Often you'll see this move done in a fitness class with weights in one or both hands (in Silver Sneakers, weight would only be in one hand). The extra effort comes from raising the arm to a straight position against the force of gravity vertically.

Technically, of course, this isn't a pushup, but we are being creative in the vein of adaptive/accessible yoga, and still keeping the spirit of the upper body work, reinforcing good posture, and of course, the heart intention of giving our time for the cause of raising awareness and money for Veterans' support.

If this particular option doesn't work for you with arms overhead, the Day 5 version is a good substitute. Otherwise, the arms go overhead, wrists gentle flexed, The elbows will bend to 90 degrees keeping the elbows over the shoulders (or more gentle, at a 30 degree forward incline from the shoulders), then restraighten as if pushing the body back into an elevated position. 

I made a joke during class that this was like a handstand pushup, so use your imagination to help you keep good form, good posture, and grounding for alignment. 

Because the arms are overhead and blood flow gets restricted, I broke this one into two sets of 11. Enjoy!

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