Saturday, September 26, 2020

Day 16 of 22: Standard Style Pushups

After a six day break, I was hard pressed for a creative pushup so I went back to the basics: just a regular ol' pushup, but on a gentle incline. Since practicing yoga I've been doing my pushups "chaturanga style," meaning the elbows bend back towards the ribcage and I only descend to a 90 degree bend. So this particular change created a challenge for me even though many might say it was "just" a basic pushup. 

If anything going back to basics gave me an opportunity to refine technique even more. The position of the upper back and shoulders, the engagement of hte legs, core, and glutes all play into the support required for a strong, consistent descent and lift back out of a pushup. I don't super strong pectoral muscles so I'm counting on my whole body to support me through this series!

Two sets of eleven gets us to our goal of 22 for day 16!

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