Monday, September 14, 2020

Day 11 of 22: Plank Shoulder Taps

From the deltoid/shoulder challenge of day 10, we switch to the chest/core/forearm firmer of day 11! Today's challenge is holding a plank through 22 cross-body shoulder taps. The key is stabilizing the legs and the core and trying to keep the body still while lifting one hand off the "floor" to tap the opposite shoulder. As the body weight shifts, different muscles activate through stimulation of proprioception (the body figuring out it's position in space) and the vestibulation system (balance). 

A safety/gentle yoga concern as always is keeping the wrists protected by engaging the hand muscles. Lessen the intensity on the hands/arms by decreasing the incline. Twenty-two in sequence, with a nice arms stretch afterwards finish up day 11 for us!

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