Monday, September 14, 2020

Day 12 of 22: Mountain Climbers + Push-up

Day 12 combined two different previous challenges into one: we do a mountain climber knee lift across the body (elbow-to-knee even though I say knee to chair erroneously in the video), and follow that with a chaturanga (half-pushup). 

To warm up the hips with lunges and standing one leg lifts. I didn't want to tire us out, but I wanted to make sure we had our hip flexors ready to tackle the challenge without overdoing it. Two sets of eleven make it even more accessible. Participation options as always include staying vertical, lifting the leg to the toe instead of full knee up, skipping the push-up, or any variation that works for your body in the spirit of the challenge. I chose to exhale when I lifted my knee and when I did the half push-up, which meant I was taking shorter length breaths for this sequence as opposed to the long inhales and exhales we usually do in our yoga classes. But as this particular flow was more vigorous, it seems appropriate. 

Alignment with the arms, shoulders, hips, and knees as always is important, to build on the lessons of previous days. Thanks for watching!

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