Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Day 5 of 22: Weightless Accessible Push-ups

 Today's challenge is the gentlest one yet, with zero weight-bearing, and can be done sitting, standing, or even lying down on the back. The one precaution would be to ensure not to hyperextend the wrists "back'" without a surface on which to grip, the extension (backwards flexion to 90 degrees) could create uncomfortable force on the joint, and there is no need. The focus is on the engagement of the triceps, biceps, upper back, chest, neck, and core. 

Sitting or standing, with good upright postures, extend the arms wrists to elbow height. On the exhale, draw the elbow back toward the ribs, keeping them close, as if , as in previous challenges, doing a "chaturanga push-up." Whether standing or sitting, engage the abdominal muscles to pull back and support the torso, and even the inner thigh muscles up to the pelvic floor (without actually moving the legs. Press the feet into the floor to stay grounded.

Re-extend the arms, and repeat. You either inhale with the extension and exhale with the elbow bending, or take extra time and exhale on both the arms straightening with effort as well as the flexion as if you were pushing body away from a supporting surface. The point is to engage the muscles by wrapping them to the bones but not stress the joints with weight bearing or over tightening, so be aware of the effort you are expensing. Allow the movement to flow.

Two sets of 11, or one full set of 22, and this challenge is complete! 

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