Tuesday, April 28, 2020

More Yoga/Meditation during Shelter in Place

Positively Yoga

Positively Yoga belongs to Gretchen Mallios (an LCSW with whom I did both my yoga teacher and prenatal yoga teacher training). Gretchen this sage advice on a recent blog posting at https://gretchenmallios.com/home.

These are uncertain times.  Uncertainty can manifest stress.  We are all in this together, and yet we are being impacted in very different ways.  Some have suffered financial and job loss, while others fear one.  Parents feel the strain of being home with their young children 24/7, while others feel the pain of isolation.  There's no escaping the effects of the pandemic; there is only choosing how to best cope.
She has a current schedule of free resources for yoga, meditation that includes the classes you find on this website as well as ones provided by Positively Yoga and more. For more wonderful self-care information from Gretchen, check back regularly to her website and sign up for her newsletter. 


BijaLiving is the creation of Julie Hunt, a regular meditation instructor at the Chopra Center and The Golden Door (and by amazing coincidence, also my neighbor). She leads guided meditations, mindfulness tips, and manifestations techniques to help transform your daily life into an extraordinary adventure of synchronicities and magical coincidences. A regular at the Chopra Center. She also offers a weekly pop-up FREE online meditation you can "zoom" into here: https://bijaliving.com/pop-up-meditation/

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