Friday, April 3, 2020

Yoga Spiders (Kid Yoga & Craft)

The Tiny Yoga Spider was on his yoga mat 
start on your hands and knees, ready to go like a tiny spider
First he stretched like a cow
cow pose, stretch your bellow down low and make some mooing noises
Then he stretched like a cat
kitty cat pose, arch your back up high, meowing
Then he moved an arm, an arm, an arm, an arm
each time we say arm, stretch one arm to the sky
And then he moved a leg, a leg, a leg, a leg
each time we say leg, stretch one leg up
Then the tiny yoga spider 
start to curl up very tiny
Was ready for his web/bed
rest in child's pose

  • 2 (or more) stick-on googly eyes
  • 1 small pompon
  • 4 pipe cleaners
  • 4" x 2" piece woven fabric (burlap or similar)

  1. Center pompom on one pipe cleaner. Overlap ends like a giant twist tie, securing the pom. Three to four twists should do it.
  2. One at a time, center another pipe cleaner around the center of the first and twist three to four time to secure.
  3. Place the googly eyes on the pompon top.
  4. Bend the eight "legs" about 1/2 way to make knees.
  5. Bent each leg near the end to make a "foot."
  6. Insert a few of the feet through the burlap to help the spider "stick" to the web/mat.

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