Thursday, April 16, 2020

Live Accessible Chair Yoga for those with Physical Disabilities

In order to help serve the needs of Accessible Yogis I am starting a Chair Yoga Class for Physical Disabilities on April 21, every Tuesday and Thursday at 10AM PST, at least until the Shelter-in-Place is lifted. This class will be fully seated in a chair. Props are optional (I will demonstrate with and without them). I will address issues for folks with limited mobility and balance challenges; we will work on strengthening muscles, improving coordination, and a good deal of stretching to improve not only range of motion but elasticity of tissues. One major focus with be breathwork for calming the nervous system and energizing the spirit. 

As these will be password protected sessions to guard against people hacking into it, I need people to sign up in advance via email. IT IS A FREE SERVICE I AM OFFERING (though I’m never one to turn away donations…. There is a link on my website). Please share this meeting post with whomever you think might be interested and I will send them the link and password.  Your help and energy are appreciated! Thank you!

The following folks are part of my inspiration: National Multiple Sclerosis SocietyMindset Fitness and YogaFun4theDisabledThe Challenge Center in La Karen O'Donnell ClarkAbilities Expo

Thank you all for your amazing support for our communities!


  1. Thank you for this and all you do.

  2. Thank you for this and all you do for the less able.


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