Monday, March 30, 2020

Online Resources for Yoga: Find.Yoga

We need yoga now more than ever. For the physical and mental health benefits, for boosting the immune system, to stay centered, and for the beautiful lessons in how to sit with discomfort and uncertainty and find the peace and presence in the midst of it.

Many teachers and studios have shifted to online classes; they could also use support right now. They are navigating this new landscape like all of us, and many (like me) have had their regular classes reduced or eliminated and are facing an uncertain future.

There is a new free searchable master schedule for all yoga classes and events happening online, offered by local teachers & studios.

Check it out - I have put my Chair Yoga and Kids Yoga classes on the schedule. Please share if you know anyone who could benefit from yoga & meditation, or if you know a teacher who is trying to reach more people with their offerings. I hope it can be of service.

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