Friday, March 20, 2020

Chair Yoga Live Streams via ZOOM Weekdays 11:00 -11:45AM

Link and password required to join. Email your name and a little bit about your interest in our class to in advance, then I can send you the free link to our class! 

For all of us living as productively as we can in the confines of our own homes during this health crisis, I've set up via ZOOM a live stream class a Gentle Chair Yoga class, from March 24 through the foreseable future. 

I'll be there about 10:50 to greet people, and will start right away at 11. We will practice for about 40 minutes. You have an option to enable your own video (so others can see you; I have this disabled by default but you can enable it). You will be able to talk (if you have a microphone on your PC, or you are using your phone/tablet), and you will be able to text chat (there will be a chat icon at the bottom of the screen). Once the class starts I will mute everyone else for quiet. 

The app is free, the website is free, the class is free - this is a service to help keep us all a little more sane during our time of self care (quarantine) and healing. 

If you are a Silver Sneakers member (Tivity), please make your presence know before or after class so I can mark your attendance! You can check your membership eligibility here (here's a list of health plans that carry it

Be well, see you this week. Your feedback humbly requested.

For previously recorded classes, click this link:

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