Wednesday, March 9, 2022

New Chair Yoga Class at Bonita/Sunnyside County Library starts April 4 (but...)

I'm so excited to let all the local chair yoga fans know that we are FINALLY starting a library (= free) class again, in April. We will be at a completely new location to me, the Bonita/Sunnyside Branch County Library 4375 Bonita Rd, Bonita, CA 91902. 

Now the (big) but....This class will replace our Monday online meeting. 

Our online classes began as a replacement for the six in-person classes we had around East County. I felt terrible leaving everyone high-and-dry when the stay-at-home order began, so we started with five days a week classes. 

We had huge attendance for a long while, and even occasionally some donations (thank you again). As time went by (OMIGOSH it's been two years) we found that with other activities restarting, and people either losing interest or finding other ways to fulfill their movement needs, we had dwindling attendance. That and I started taking classes myself towards my PTA program. We therefore reduced to just three days a week (M, W, F).

Mid last year,  was asked to start another in-person community class and we went down to just Mondays and Fridays.

Because my school schedule is even busier this semester, I can't add more classes, but I can "replace" like for like. Since the online class replaced an in person class, now it's a chance to bring the in person class back to replace the online class.

I know this doesn't work for EVERYONE, so I will keep Fridays for as long as my schedule allows. I am also available for private lessons at a sliding scale cost if anyone is interested in that option. There is also the library of recorded classes at the sister website If you don't live locally, please check out YOUR local libraries and rec centers to see if they are offering something in person, 

I am sorry that I have to schedule things thusly, but this keeps my instruction at optimal quality (otherwise I'm stressed out trying to serve too many people). 

I hope you understand, and I hope you consider joining me at Bonita branch. No sign up need, but please be on time, bring any yoga accessories you'd normally use, and spread the word!

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