Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Workshop: Accessing and Using Your Inner Wisdom with Shayna Kaufmann, PhD

This Saturday, May 16, in lieu of her postponed all day workshop, Shayna Kaufmann (https://www.embracethemiddle.com/about-shayna/) will be virtually hosting a gathering from 11-12:30 on Accessing and Using Our Inner Wisdom - something that can serve us incredibly well during challenging, unchartered times.  

To sign up, use this link. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/accessing-and-exploring-your-inner-wisdom-tickets-103954603016

Attendance is free (donations are optional). 

Here are some lovely words of wisdom from this wonderful speaker, therapist, meditation facilitator, and friend: 


The greatest gift you can give yourself today

is the gift of slowness. Paying attention.

As if today were the last day of your life.

As if you wanted to remember it all.

Drink it in.

Absorb the morning.

Inhale the afternoon.

And when the evening comes,

rest in its cooling embrace.

See, today:

The way the breath rises and falls.

What it feels like to have a body.

What a tension feels like. An ache.

A wave of pleasure. Hunger.

What it feels like to have hands.

To feel sadness. To feel joy.

To be alive on this day.

Drench this day in awareness, friend.

Slow down. Pay attention to the small things,

which are not small when seen

through the eyes of God.

Out of the mind, and into the Now.

Out of futures and pasts,

regrets and anticipations,

and into this alive Presence.

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