Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Day 21 of 22: Pushup with Lowered Hold

As I am coming close to the end of this internet challenge, I wanted to create a little bit more of a physical (and appropriate) challenge for myself, but still keep it in the spirit of accessible gentle yoga. I played with the idea of holding in the lowered version of the pushup on a small incline to build tricep, shoulder, back, bicep, and chest muscles strength, in addition to creating core stability awareness. 

This was more intense than the diamond pushup, but had the positive aspect of creating no pain in my shoulder. The elbows pinning in to the ribcage, like in a traditional chaturanga yoga pushup, kept my shoulders in a safe position, and with all the training we've done, I was able to hold for a few second all the way through two sets of eleven with integrity.  Kumbaya!

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