Sunday, October 4, 2020

Day 19 of 22: Side Plank Leg Abduction

We worked lateral shoulder holds again on day 19, with a side plank position, and then added a layer of complexity with a lateral leg extension, a.k.a., hip abduction. In vasistasana (side plank) the yoga pose, one of the variations has the upper leg lifted, which creates a star shape with the body. There is a large emphasis on the lower leg adductors and side obliques for body stability, and all the muscles of the rotator cuff to hold the shoulder in place; then the abductors of the top leg work against gravity to raise that leg. 

In this variation we've dialed down the intensity by having our incline much closer to vertical, and not holding the leg lift for more than a brief moment. The alignment points are to keep the toe and knee of the lifting leg facing forward so the outer hip flexors are doing the lifting (not the quadriceps), and keeping the body relatively still (core control, and protection for the standing knee). The body and standing leg shouldn't twist and the movement should be slow and with muscular control. 

We did one set of eleven for each leg to finish this day's challenge! 

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