Friday, January 31, 2020

Science on Yoga

Chair Yoga as Dementia therapy

This article from Science Magazine online discusses the efficacy of chair yoga compared to music therapy for older adults with advanced dementia. The pilot study, at Florida Atlantic University, was the first to show adults with advanced dementia can participate in non-pharmacological interventions. They concluded that yoga's physical poses were an "important factor in improving quality of life for the participants," in their study. Read more here:

Yoga is Good for the Brain

Another article from the same online journal discusses how science is discovering that yoga effects some of the same brain structures as aerobic (cardiovascular based) exercise.  Parts of the brain involved with memory retention (hippocampus), emotional regulation (amygdala), and planning/rational thinking (prefrontal cortex), all tend to be larger for the those that regularly practice yoga.  Read more here:

13 Scientifically Supported Benefits

Started with the process of learning how to destress, this is a list of the more well known benefits of yoga that studies have shown to be verifiable, as well as some that are currently undergoing scientific review. Read, and see what resonates with your practice:

The Science of Yoga (video)

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