Wednesday, January 22, 2020

I"m going to see Laurie Berkner in concert!

If you have attended any of my children's classes in the past 11 years you know that I feature the music of Laurie Berkner. Delightfully infectious tunes like Victor Vito (eating his spaghetti with Freddy Vasco), the Goldfish (sleeping on a rock at the bottom of the ocean), and Bicycle (riding it ve-ry slow-ly) have become mantras to guide our yoga-oriented movement. Parents greet me all the time asking for the actual names of songs, or the artist so that they can get the CD, or link to my playlists.

Now for the first time we can all see this Pied Piper of Children's Playtime in person, up close, and show her how much love and joy she has brought into our lives!

When my son was little I'd see her on the television program "Jack's Big Music Show" and was absolutely charmed by her stage presence. I even bought her guitar music book in the hopes that one day I might even be able to play the songs for the kids as well in my classes. Alas, I will stick to letting Laurie be the musician, and me the yoga guide as she makes her music look effortless but in actually it is some pretty complicated musical gymnastics! I'm hoping that she'll sign my book if I bring it to the concert.

Without further ado, here is all the pertinent information:

Laurie Berkner in Concert

Sunday, May 31, 2020 | 11:00 am
David & Dorothea Garfield Theatre
Lawrence Family JCC

Children’s music icon Laurie Berkner brings her signature blend of whimsical lyrics and indie folk pop melodies to the Garfield Theatre in a solo show. Laurie’s hit songs like “We Are the Dinosaurs” and “Victor Vito” are featured on children’s networks Nick Jr. and Sprout, in Off-Broadway children’s musicals, and in children’s books. Be sure to catch the artist People magazine calls “the queen of children’s music” and the New York Times has dubbed “the Adele of the preschool crowd.” For children ages 2 and older. Children ages 15 and under are eligible for child prices.

"One of the most popular children's performers in America ... her music is distinctive because it speaks to kids without talking down to them, charming youngsters without boring grown-ups." -The Wall Street Journal

"Laurie Berkner is like a goddess to these children." -NPR's All Things Considered

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