Saturday, January 24, 2015

On Loneliness

it occurs to me that the world "lonely" though has roots to indicate singularity, it really has very little to do with not having company (or a relationship). Of course, if you are in the wilderness lost by yourself you are quite alone and quite possibly lonely as well. But for the most part, the times in my life I've been the "loneliest" have been more about me not being happy with myself, and therefore craving company of another person to distract me/validate me. You can be alone and happy and content, or in one more relationships and still feel lonely. Learning to be content by myself was a HUGE lesson that required professional therapy, personal therapy, yoga (and yes, some medication), and a willingness to go past the quick and easy solution. I now CRAVE alone time, and if I'm lonely then I enrich myself with a movie, a walk, a yoga class, a museum visit or something that feeds that yen in the most positive way!

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