Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Studio In Town - HAPA Yoga

In the spirit of supporting local business, women-owned business, and YOGA businesses, I wanted to let you all know about a lovely new studio in east Mission Valley called HAPA Yoga. One of the best parts of this new studio is that they offer child care all day. HAPA stands in part for HAPPY PARENT and I am part of that group now!

They are running a few specials but the best for trying them out is their(wait for it...wait for it...) FIRST CLASS FREE!!!! If your offspring is with you, pay just $6 to have them entertained by some very sweet staff members that will even change a diaper for you.

Classes offered include warm and hot yoga, vinyasa, pilates, TRX, Yin, prenatal and more - their schedule is FULL and they have two class rooms for practice meaning there is always something good going on. They even have KIDS yoga classes! They have a complete locker room with showers so you don't have to go back to work (or home, or out) sweaty.

I took the TRX training class with the straps and was deliciously sore for days. Today I dropped in to the 80 degree class and followed it with a hour of Yin inspired practice and felt FABULOUS!

There is also a terrific Groupon out now for them that offers $29 for 10 classes, $39 for 10 classes with childcare, or 20 classes for just $52 (new students only). If the Groupon expired before you can grab one, they do have a $20 first week special.

Then, after your first package, you can pick up their awesome unlimited monthly deal for $125 ($145 with childcare) or just a single, five or 10-class pass. They even have a student discount.

Location is in the same strip mall as Tuesday Morning just a few doors down from the new Karma Boutique, and a ubiquitous (but convenient) Starbucks.

Check them out here - their website is fresh, upbeat, and easy to navigate, and they even have a mobile compatible format (bonus!).

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