Saturday, December 1, 2012

Free Kids Yoga Information - poses and more!

Yoga Kids is a great outfit started by Marsha Wenig and then offer a number of great workshops, seminars, training materials and full kids yoga certifications. I have attended a few of their programs including Tools for School, a Taste of Yoga Kids and Yoga for Teens, plus had two seminars with Ms. Wenig herself at the Midwest YJ Conference in 2010.

If a seminar/conference isn't available in your area (or even if it is), they have a great free service accessible only via e-mail signup, called Pose of the Week.

If you're curious about how to break down yoga for kids, or just want to work with your little one on some poses and come from a place of child-centered understanding, this little e-mail list is more than worth the time to sign up (and would be worth money but they graciously offer it for free!)

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