Thursday, January 26, 2012

Deep Breaths

Two days in a row my toddler affected me in the most profound way. Two days in a row he was behaving impish - you know, toddler stuff...yelling, being indignant, thrashing while I tried to change/dress him. Two days in a row I growled (idle) threats at him of severe corporal punishment and days worth of time-outs. And two days in a row, he sat up, looked at me wide-eyed, and said "Deep Brefs...Deep Brefs," and waited for my response.

Which was, initially, to stare in surprise. Then, to do exactly as suggested. And wouldn't you know it? It worked.

I'm still unsure if he meant HE should take the deep breaths, or I should, but still, it was the exact right thing to suggest and do.

Since the day he was able to understand what a breath was I have tried to teach him to take a few deep ones when he is crying, or frustrated, or angry. It at the very least breaks the anxiety cycle and allows us to communicate about the problem. I don't remember the lesson for myself often enough when not on my mat. So with his 28.5-month wisdom, my little Virgo has reaffirmed his guru status for me, for my yoga.

They listen, they hear and understand even when we think they don't. Teach your children well, and they will do the same for you!

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