Wednesday, October 19, 2011

B.Y.O.M. = ????

A little internet research (again) yielded some intersesting results, that made me smile. BYOM, while having meaning as a hebrew contraction, or just a catching name, actually has an urban definition that I think captures the spirit of the kind of practice I want to provide.
B.Y.O.M - Bring Your Own Music

And isn't that what yoga is supposed to be about? Bring your own song, your own light, your own inner (and maybe iPod!) to the practice, make it YOURS - like I say, "It's your day, make it your yoga."

So I thought I'd put out a little "comment please" teaser. Ask your inner light, ask your children, giggle about it with your friends...let's see what we can do with BYOM.

A few of my ideas:
Bring Your Own Mat
Bring Your OM
Bring Your Own Mantra

I think I have a theme for my next class!

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