Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Schedule Change for 2021 Summer

Zoom classes

After over a year of Zooming every weekday, I am changing the Zoom schedule this summer. Starting in June, we will be meeting (just) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday online (still at 11am PST). I have some other activities happening, and I'm trying to start a yoga non-profit project, and class numbers are reducing due to gyms opening back up, so I want to concentrate our time together efficiently.

The link will be the same. 

We have a short break due to the Memorial Day holiday (Monday May 31), and we will start our new schedule Wednesday June 2. If you aren't already attending, email me at byomyoga@gmail.com to register and get the link.


I'm also teaching in person at the Copley YMCA at 9AM on Tuesdays and their classes are transitioning to be indoors next week. They also have two chair yoga classes on their schedule so check out your local Y classes too!

The Garden

I have an outdoor class at the Cuyamaca College Water Conservation Garden on Thursdays. Until the end of June it meets at 1PM. Starting in July it will change to 10AM (to avoid the heat). Classes are free with membership (that includes 5 other weekly classes plus a host of other bonuses and reciprocal membership at gardens all over the state and country).

Hope to see you around town (or the internet)!

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