Monday, February 1, 2021

Day 7: Tappity Tap Tap

 Got up, got out of bed, put hot water across my head.... (apologies to Sir Paul McCartney).

Tapping while I'm showering seems to be an thing so today's affirmation comes courtesy of some delightfully pine/evergreen scented soap. I'm starting my kinesiology class today and admittedly a bit nervous, what with the Yoga for Mental Health program still going on, book club still meeting on the reg, Purimshpiel practice about to begin, and in general me trying to take ownership of a more mindful life. So I needed an affirmation to reinforce being competent, being smart, being capable.

Tapping really seems to energize, and I know that I'll be doing some havening when I teach later today, so I tried to be honest without being negative, positive without making it feel false. "Even though I know that I struggle with being organized and doing things I time, I know that I am a capable and intelligent woman."

I started the tapping with the outer hand gesture, and a almost a whisper. I kid you not (apologies to Jack Parr), by round three I was speaking very much declaratively and with full vocalization. By round five, if I told you didn't believe (in) myself I'd be lying.

Is this hard? Yes. Do I feel a little silly whenever I start, yes. Does that silliness fall away? Yes yes yes. Why? I have no idea (yet), but it does. Because it feels GOOD to believe what I'm saying, it feels good to believe in myself. Like I'm tapping it into my soul, or tapping the message out of me. Either way, i'm for it. 

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