Friday, August 28, 2020

Day 3 of 22: Supported Standing Inclined One-Legged Push-ups

Today we do a #Silversneakers sanctioned one-legged push-up. The lifted leg is either bent (knees aligned) or straight, with the inner thigh, glute, and hamstring engaged to keep that leg strongly in position. Hips, shoulders, and ankles stay in alignment with a hugging in of the inner thigh muscles and abs just as if you were doing a standard horizontal push-up. The upper back/shoulder girdle is engaged so that the space between the shoulder blades doesn't "sag;" this way we are protecting the rotator cuff, the neck, and using the strength of the rhomboids, trapezius, serratus, and subscapularis muscles appropriately to support our bodies.

The hands again are on a wall or chair, and elbows will bend to a halfway point, hugged in toward the ribs like a "chaturanga" pushup to activate the triceps on the upper arm. Finger pads grip the surface to activate the hand muscles and connect the kinetic chain of muscles all the way up the arm. Shoulder are down from the ears, and shoulders are aligned with the hips and back heel in a "straight" line (angle). 

We take a little break after our first set of eleven, switch legs, then complete our second set on the other leg. We finish our challenge with a nice chair downward dog to stretch.

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