Monday, June 29, 2020

Being OK with not being OK

This meditation/video short clip was taken from a longer yoga class, but I thought there was some interesting content that deserved its own post. I was having a really rough go of it, and thought I would share my discomfort in the context of a yoga practice. We often talk how in our training we try to ground ourselves and bring in light, but what if you just feel not so full of light? Sometimes you feel downright cruddy.

I'ts at In those times, that stepping on to your mat (or sitting down on your cushion) to take a pause, I think, is even more important in order to deescalate your own response to crappy situation. It can stop you from causing more harm (to yourself, or someone else) in the spirit of Ahimsa, it can give you a moment to detach from the issue, and to study the feelings you are having for future reference. This self-study, called Svadhyaya, requires us to observe our emotions, and sit with even the ones that make us uncomfortable.

Without this introspection, without the ability to take that pause, we at the mercy of whimsy and unbridled emotion: mindlessness. What is a yoga practice if not training oneself to be more mindful?

Your comments welcome, as always. Thanks for tuning in.

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