Sunday, June 12, 2016

Semi Anti Social Media

I don't tweet, use instagram, or post (that many) selfies that are scripted/posed just to "further my brand" despite what yoga business counselors say you "must" do to be successful. The people I want to share my time with socially, intellectually, and professionally (clients), don't need in your face stylized media blitzing to sell them my brand of soap. They find me because we are on intersecting paths. I trust in the universe that way. Call me an optimist, and I"ll gladly take that label. Call me anti-social and you'd be inaccurate. You'd also be wrong if you say i'm against or anti social media. I value the connection enough to not cheapen it. Rami Malek, an actor with whom I am not very familiar I admit, talked about how he feels about the surge of social media inundation, and I relate:

"People are spending so much time staging photos - what they're eating, how much fun they're having … even the way they shape their faces in the pictures is contorted," the 35-year-old actor continues, getting on a roll. "Everything is filtered. Everything is manicured. It's a house of cards, and it's going to come crashing down one day and you with it." - Rami Malek

read the whole article here (it's about his movie but his commentary is interesting):

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