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Yoga Journal Conference in San Diego, July 12-16

Practicing yoga with a high profile teacher or even at a local studio can start to wear a hole in your pocketbook; this I completely understand. So when great free (or almost free) classes come to my attention, I want to bring them to your attention.

This July, San Diego is host to the big Yoga Journal Conference at the Sheraton Hotel and Marina (near the airport); four days of fabulous training (that do come at a price). However, there is a nice selection of free open-to-all classes and demonstrations throughout that weekend that might tempt you to head down to the city. Please note that parking can be pricey down towards the event location so consider carpooling, biking, or sharing a taxi.

I bit the bullet at signed up for the full weekend conference (but not the Friday/Monday intensives). I also have my favorite special events identified as well (noted below with a "!"). Let me know if you might be at any of the classes - would love to share some practice time with you.

Morning Meditation with Bhava Ram
Deep Yoga Inner Peace meditation with guided visualization, pranayama, and chanting to live music from Bhava Ram.
Open to all.

Happy Hour and Demo with Cameron Shayne
Join Budokon Yoga's creator Cameron Shayne for a demonstration from one of yoga's modern master teachers. Cameron is world-renowned for his ability to defy gravity while transitioning from asana to asana. After his demo, join Cameron for a question-and-answer session regarding the ancient and undeniable relationship between yoga and martial arts.
Wine and light hors d'oeuvres will be served.
Open to all in the Sangha Space in the Yoga Marketplace.

Morning Meditation with Renee Fussner
Open to all.

Community Class with Sheri Colosimo
Power Vinyasa
Ready to sweat? CorePower Yoga is a rigorous yoga class with demanding strength postures that will have you moving, breathing, and sweating! True to its name, CorePower Yoga focuses on building and engaging your core strength to support you in more advanced postures. Come and connect with the San Diego community and learn how a CorePower Yoga class strengthens, balances, detoxifies, and exhilarates the body and mind.
Open to all.
Panel Discussion: Empower Your Practice and Your Life with Tantra Yoga 

Tantra is a multilayered approach to practice aimed at harnessing the energy at the heart of life. Tantric practices help us tune in to and channel the energy of Source, so that it empowers our practice, illuminates the mind, and gives a blissful sweetness to daily life. Join us as four expert teachers—Sally KemptonGary KraftsowSianna Sherman, and Rod Stryker— discuss some of the many intriguing and useful aspects of Tantric philosophy and practice.
Open to All.

Capoeira Demonstration
Capoeira is an electrifying art form that combines Martial Art, Dance, Acrobactics, and Drumming.
Open to all in the Sangha Space in the Yoga Marketplace.

Balance, Spirit, and Aroma: Blending Essential Oils with Yoga
Enhance your practice and create balance in your life through the use of essential oils. Charlynn Avery, aromatherapist and educator for Aura Cacia, is delighted to share an informative and meditative class that joins yoga with aromatherapy. Learn how essential oils can help bring balance to the chakras, the importance of purity and sustainability, and practical recipes to add to your yoga practice. She will also incorporate a guided aroma-meditation for the group. The first 50 people will receive a goody bag filled with Aura Cacia products.
Open to all.

Kids Yoga for Ages 5-10
Children ages 5 through 10 are invited to join in as Shana Meyerson and Terri Rucker of mini yogis yoga for kids lead an engaging practice, incorporating traditional meditation, breath, and asana into a nontraditional and incredibly fun format.
Terri Rucker has been teaching yoga for youth since 2004 and is a certified mini yogis instructor. Terri focuses on new ways to move and breathe with songs, games, the Asana Alphabet, and animal poses. These classes create an excellent opportunity for children of all ages to develop physical awareness, mental focus, relaxation, and patience.
Shana Meyerson founded mini yogis yoga for kids in March 2002. A pioneer in the children’s yoga community, Shana has taught teachers all over the world how to teach children in a fun, safe, and mindful way. Her intuitive and integrative approach to teaching allows her to positively change the lives of both typically developing and special needs children.
Open to all kids ages 5-10.

Create a Life You Love
Lead and organized by Lululemon Athletica. "Goal setting" is a powerful tool, but without a meaningful vision to live into, goals alone can become a checklist at their best, and stale or "hollow" at their worst. Spend some time with us looking into the future in order to set your personal vision; one that is grounded in your passions and unique gifts, gets you excited (maybe even nervous?), and leaves a legacy you love.
Open to all.

Asana Demo by Brent Kessel: Highlights from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Series of Ashtanga
Join Brent Kessel on a tour through the grounding and gravity-defying practice of Ashtanga Yoga. A yogi by dawn and financial planner by day, Brent has dedicated himself to yoga since 1989 and progressed to the fifth series of Ashtanga under Chuck Miller and Pattabhi Jois. We are honored to have him share his practice through this demo with us for the first time.
Open to all in the Sangha Space in the Yoga Marketplace.

Arc of Ascent: An Evening of Kirtan with Dave Stringer
Yoga doesn't ask us to believe; it asks us to inquire and to practice, examining our experience until we can witness the truth in the book of our own heart. The call-and-response form of mantra chanting known as kirtan is a consciousness-transforming practice. The form is simple: a lead group calls out the melodies. The crowd responds, clapping and dancing as the rhythms of tablas, finger cymbals, harmonium, tamboura, electric bass, guitar, and trumpet build and accelerate. The mantras quiet the mind, and the music frees the heart. Ecstasy is both the process and the product.
There will be chairs available. If you'd like to sit on the floor, please bring something to sit on.
$15 for conference attendees
$25 for general public

Morning Meditation with Sally Kempton
Open to all.

Community Class with Alexandria Crow 
Come experience a well-rounded, fun vinyasa flow class focused on detailed alignment leading to some great arm balances, inversions, and backbends. Build knowledge of alignment principles within the Sun Salutations and standing poses that can be applied to more complex poses. Increase awareness of your body's capabilities—and use that knowledge to move your physical practice forward.
Open to all.

The Essence of Yoga: Bringing the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga into Your Practice
Learn how to incorporate the principles of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga to create success and abundance in your asana practice and your daily life. Through the practice of yoga and applying the principles of nature, you are open to more creative potential, capacity for love and compassion, and ability to find success in all areas of your life. Whether you are a newcomer to yoga or an experienced practitioner, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga is a portal to yoga's deeper spiritual dimension and a beautiful step to a happier, more harmonious, and more abundant life.
Lecture. Open to all.

YogaWorks Teacher Training Info Session with Kori Strobl
Come get a taste of a YogaWorks teacher training! We'll do a brief asana warm-up and then move into YogaWorks’ signature "posture labs," breaking down a pose very specifically so that you develop a deeper understanding of the pose and its proper alignment. You'll get a glimpse into the curriculum of a YogaWorks teacher training and get all your questions about the YogaWorks program answered.
Open to all.

Hindu and Buddhist Deities: The Power of Their Archetypes in Yoga 
Using statues to illustrate, Manoj Chalam will relate the symbolism of Hindu and Buddhist deities to archetypes within us. Through their myths, we'll uncover hidden symbolisms and learn the four ways to work with them as part of a nondualistic Tantric yogic practice. Discover how knowing and working with your archetypes can profoundly shift you, especially during moments of life transitions, and how these ancient teachings have practical relevance to your life, bringing peace of mind and uncovering our underlying common spirit.
Open to all.

Relax with Singing Bowls
Enjoy the blissful relaxation and soothing vibrations of Tibetan bowls played in person by Damien Rose. The bowls can bring a deep, meditative quality to one's yoga practice. His CD Liquid Bells has garnered the respect of several revered yogis and musicians such as Deva Premal and Shiva Rea. You are invited to listen, meditate, or practice yoga. Please join us for as little as 10 minutes or stay for the whole hour.
Open to all.

Closing Savasana with David Swenson
Savasana is much more than a deep sleep: it's an opportunity to let go of fatigue, assimilate the benefits from your yoga practice, and adopt a state of profound meditation. You'll be guided through a simple inward journey designed to show you how to relax, release, and unwind while drinking deep from the internal glow of prana after a weekend of yoga immersion. All levels welcome-including Savasana snorers!
Open to all.

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