Friday, August 28, 2015

Intention Setting - excerpted from Elephant Journal (link below)

5 Steps to Intention Setting During Your Yoga Practice

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Attitude of Gratitude: 

When you arrive for your practice start to shift into a state of gratitude. Take a moment to be grateful for this moment and the time you have on your mat that you have set aside for yourself. Practicing gratitude is a great tool that will help you a lot in becoming more open and more receptive.

Assess the Situation:

The first thing I ask my students to do in my classes when class begins is assess the state of their body, the rhythm of their breath and then, the state of their mind. Chuck Miller, one of the founders of Yogaworks in Santa Monica, used to say that before you start you first have to stop.

Create an Offering:

After their assessment, I ask my students to take a moment to offer their practice to someone they love or to the Universe. This small gesture can be felt immediately. Just by dedicating your practice to someone else or offering it to the Universe you feel yourself opening up a little, becoming a little more receptive.

You're Already There:

When you are setting your intention it’s important to feel the intention already working on you.  Imagine that it has already happened. You’ve already reached your destination.  See yourself already having made this shift in your life.  It’s already done. Try to see who is there with you.

Give Thanks: 

Offer thanks for everyone who has helped you along the way on your journey. If it’s hard for you to visualize then practice repeating your intention to yourself over and over again.
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