Sunday, August 16, 2015

Create what you believe in; believe in what you create.

In prenatal yoga we often do svasana or pranayama with one hand on the heart and one on the navel center, connecting our hearts with those of the children, helping us hone in to the soul to soul connection between mother and child, facilitate transfer of energy and draw awareness and calm into the body.

I like the symbolism behind connecting the heart center to the creative center, but I also tend to add in the power center to the mix - the anahata chakra is the heart, the svadisthana chakra is the sacral center, and the manipura is the navel center or solar plexus. All three are connected with our hands spread across our chest and bellies.

It's a drawing together all the energy of the torso, circling it around to energize and purify the organs, stimulate awareness of all the vital workings of our bodies, and facilitate us feeling the breath move throughout the entire abdomen. In and of itself this is a great mind/body connection meditation.

But you can extrapolate this to an off-the-mat lesson by considering the idea of creating something that not just comes from the mind, but the heart, the instinct, and out of your own personal strength and willingness to move forward. As well, devoting time and energy and focus into the things that you have lovingly created. Why create something that isn't worthy of your utmost attention, and why devote attention to something that you don't truly want to create?

Food for thought. Go forward and be awesome.

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