Saturday, September 26, 2020

Day 17 of 22: 22-Second Chaturanga/Pushup Hold

Some days, you need to find stillness. So, today's challenge is about holding that pushup in lowered position for the duration (22 seconds). 

Many fitness classes will have "plank hold" challenges, ranging from 30 seconds to start, working up to 60 seconds, and even up to two minutes during the course of the class (personal training might include much longer holds). During my gentle yoga classes, the goal is help students set themselves up for success. So before the challenge I offered the option of holding in a fully extended plank (less intense) or joining me in the lowered (bent arm) version. This challenge can also be taken at less steep (or more) angle, or even weightless. 

I set the timer for 30 seconds, set up for the pose, and at 22 seconds, began. A nice long slow inhale and exhale breath cycle carried me through, and hopefully shows that a pushup challenge doesn't have to be physically complicated to fit the bill.

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