Thursday, August 27, 2020

Day 2 of 22: Lunging Incline Push-ups

For this challenge, we take a lunge position, front knee over ankle, back heel lifted. Hands are on a chair or a wall, and elbows will bend to a halfway point, hugged in toward the ribs like a "chaturanga" pushup to activate the triceps on the upper arm. Finger pads grip the surface to activate the hand muscles and connect the kinetic chain of muscles all the way up the arm. Shoulder are down from the ears, and shoulders are aligned with the hips and back heel in a "straight" line (angle). 

The bending of the knee releases the body toward the chair and the arms and the leg resist the body weight. The benefit here is that the legs are also supporting the body weight more than a pushup with two straight legs, offering quite a bit more support for an accessible pushup. 

We switch forward legs after one set of eleven, to finish our challenge. 

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