Sunday, October 4, 2020

Day 20 of 22: Plank-to-Lunge-Pushup

As we get closer to the end of the 22 day challenge I am starting to combine different pieces of other challenges to create new types of "pushups" and keep the challenges interesting. Today we combined the plank-to-lunge transition with the lunge-pushup from days past, to create the "Plank to Lunge Pushup."

This combination can be done completely vertically at a wall, and with very little force on the arms at all! I opted for a gentle incline using my chair that was secured not only on a yoga mat but also against a couch (pressed against a wall), so I had a strong base in which to press. This, and doing the pushup during the lunge gives more control over the amount of resistance (push back) one provides with the arms.

We start in a plank position, and step one foot forward to a lunge. A gentler option is to walk both feet forward, and slowly ease one forward and one back to a comfortable lunge-style stance. Once here, bend the front knee, and the elbows, to bring the body towards the chair/wall, providing resistance as appropriate with the arms. Return to lengthened arm position, then either step the front foot back to meet the rear, or bring both feet together and walk them both back to a comfortable distance to find a chair/wall plank. Repeat the process on the other foot. 

We did twenty two of these, which means a total of 11 sets of left/right plank-to-lunge pushups.

(Note: For those that wanted to try this from a horizontal/maximum intensity position, they might be better served doing the pushup from the plank position instead of the lunge).

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