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Saturday, February 25, 2017

#PPOTD Two-week Recap (from b'yomyoga on Twitter)

b'yom yoga‏@byomyoga Feb 14
#ppotd first day teach yoga #stmadeleinesophiescenter and i'm awash in goodwill. #lifeisgood #inmydharma

b'yom yoga‏@byomyoga Feb 17
#ppotd thank your body for all it does, forgive it for all it doesn't, support it growing strong with a positive mind and deep full breaths

b'yom yoga‏@byomyoga Feb 18
#ppotd if a friend offers a shared activity - accept! companionship does the heart good (thank you Claire Young)

b'yom yoga‏@byomyoga Feb 20
#ppotd @YMCASanDiego open to the public all day today - get your family activities on!!

b'yom yoga‏@byomyoga Feb 21
#ppotd never underestimate the power of alone time.

b'yom yoga‏@byomyoga Feb 23
#ppotd #worldbeatcenter our school's 1st & 2nd graders were enthralled learning west African drumming and dance - a joy and privilege 2 see!

b'yom yoga‏@byomyoga 19h19 hours ago
#ppotd never miss a chance to tell someone you care about them

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