Live Accessible, Adaptive, Chair, and Kids Yoga

Chair Yoga MTWTF 11-11:45AM PST Silver Sneakers accredited Accessible Yoga for Physical Disabilities on hold Yoga for ID/DD Adults M&F 1-1:45 PM PST Mindful Kids Krafts on hold for waiver and to register! •


Thank you for any and all monetary, spiritual, and emotional encouragement. None of these are mandatory. They are all options for those that are able to help sustain our classes.

Option 1: PayPal  (choose "For Friends and Family") 

Option 2: Venmo mobile app @jaxgadd66

Option 3: Patreon:

MONTHLY memberships that charges at the beginning of the month (you can cancel whenever you like). Attend classes as you wish; this is an automated way of donating regularly based on your own attendance. 

B: Breathe $10/month
For those attending approximately 1 class per week. 
BY: Better Yet $20/month
For those coming to about 10 classes per month
BYO: Best Yoga Option $30/month
Supports daily attendance in class (M-F, every week). Who can argue with $1/day?
BYOM: Bring Your Own Magic $50/month
This is the "over and above" category for those that are able to donate a little extra. It’s all the daily classes, and then the added bonus of one private 45-minute online yoga session with me PER YEAR (valued at $100) scheduled as time allows, plus a coffee date on me.

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