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Chair Yoga Fridays 11-11:55AM PST Gentle/Senior/Adaptive to register! •


Thank you for any and all monetary, spiritual, and emotional encouragement. Donations support teaching, transporation, supplies, scheduling, as well as production of this website. They are always welcome, but never required. 

OPTION 1: Personal check (email for mailing address). 

OPTION 2: PayPal  (choose "For Friends and Family") - any amount.
OPTION 3: Venmo mobile app @jaxgadd66 (any amount).

OPTION 4: Patreon:
Patreon is a membership that automatically charges at the monthly interval. You may attend classes as you wish, and I reward charges at the beginning of the month (you can cancel whenever you like). Attend classes as you wish; this is an automated way of donating regularly based on your own attendance and finances.

B: Breathe $10/month
A great deal for those that attend one class per week and want to pay it forward.
BY: Better Yet $20/month
If you attend about 10 classes a month, this is a pretty reasonable donation, plus I'll send you a sample of my  Magnesium Muscle Rub.
BYO: Best Yoga Option $30/month
This membership model supports daily attendance in class (M-F, every week). You get daily yoga for a little over a dollar day, and I'll send you a 1oz tin of my Muscle Rub after two payment cycles. 
BYOM: Bring Your Own Magic $50/month
This is the "over and above" choice if you come to daily classes, and are able to donate a little extra. For your generosity, once you've been a member for three months, you'll receive a private 45minute yoga session (one per year, valued at $100) that we can schedule as time and quarantine allow, and a 4oz. jar of my Magnesium Muscle rub as a thank you gift.

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