Live Accessible, Adaptive, Chair, and Kids Yoga

Chair Yoga MTWTF 11-11:55AM PST Gentle/Senior/Adaptive Yoga for ID/DD Adults M&F 1-1:45 PM PST for waiver and to register! •


    Free Library of Recorded Adaptive Yoga Classes

    I have recorded videos for previous adaptive yoga classes for ID/DD and neurodivergent groups for online personal use, available here: To use in a commercial, educational, or training program, or to download for distribution, please reach out to me at

      Free Live Online Adaptive Yoga Classes

      I lead four online Adaptive Yoga classes, all with the focus of providing a mindfulness practice for those with developmental and physical disabilities. In class we focus on developing good breathing habits, improving mind-body awareness, and encouraging movement for better circulation, improved metabolism, range of motion, and overall vitality. 

      This practice is also beneficial for caregivers, family members, and friends of the “traditional” consumers for these classes, and all are welcome to participate. We have mostly seated instruction, but may do some standing poses, and address limited mobility challenges, but everyone should feel comfortable participating to their own challenge level. Every participant has the option of disabling their own video feed.

      • Monday and Friday at 1:00PM PST, co-hosted by St. Madeleine Sophie's Center designed for group home adults/people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (ages 18 and up). Younger participants are welcome with parental permission (signing the waiver).  Download and return the liability waiver to with your information to register.
      If you want to set up private individual/group live online classes for your group specifically send me an email me so we can serve your consumers' needs.

      Free Community In-Person Chair Adaptive Yoga - postponed

      • All in-person Adaptive Community yoga classes are on hold effective March 13, 2020 until further notice, in conjunction with local libraries cancelling community activities to minimize health risks during the COVID-19 outbreak.  I apologize for the inconvenience, but the health and safety of our attendees is of the utmost concern. 
      Classes are 50 minutes, and participants can use chairs (or where needed wheelchairs) or do yoga from the floor. In the spirit of inclusion, I strongly encourage coaches/care-givers/family members to join the class to both model participation as well as get a great stretch for themselves!

      There is no advance sign up, but yoga class size is limited and first come first serve. If the class you wanted to attend is full that day please stay until the next session starts. Remember you have full use of the library facilities!

      Like all my classes, I emphasize first and foremost the role of the breath in helping the body calm and connect to the mind. I use both auditory and visual cues, plus props like the Hoberman Sphere, and yoga tools like blocks, straps, balls and blankets to make movement more accessible and create positive sensation and connection.

      Yoga is all about intention, and even if the body cannot create the "textbook" form of a pose that does not limit our practitioners' ability to gain the benefits. We stretch and strengthen muscles, build endurance, and work on emotional regulation using the poses, the breath, music, and open group dialogue. The classes are intended to create safe social atmosphere for all our students to find a little bit of "samadhi" (enlightenment) in their own way.

      Each class ends with a few minutes (or more) resting in chairs, sometimes on the floor, with quiet music, and sometimes with eye pillows, to provide students the experience of "savasana" (or quiet meditation).
      Click here to see a video about my yoga demonstration at the June Abilities Expo in Chicago!

      The G.A.M.E.R.S. Program

      I am an Accessible Yoga Ambassador and have been providing Adaptive Yoga classes to promote inclusion for adults (and children) with special needs since 2015. I am proud to be part of the Casa de Oro Library G.A.M.E.R.S. program (Group Home Adults Mixer - Educational/Recreational/Social).

      Every Monday and Tuesday from 9:30 A.M. to 2 P.M., the Casa de Oro County Library hosts a FREE program for adults with developmental disabilities and their caregivers. They provide a safe space with different activities for all independence levels including adult-interest games, cards, coloring sheets, laptops, and in many cases job-skill development tasks. Their address is and phone number is (619) 463-3236.

      Interested in teaching adaptive yoga? Please click here!

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